Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When the I and the me of the you come to an understanding, there is peace!


Matty said...

Wow that is really cool!
I love it!

unborn_happiness said...

I love the quote and the pictures.. at first I though they were just two people that looked the same, but when I looked closer I was like wait they are the same person lol very cool

pic.girl2 said...

that is sooo coolieo lol!
how did you do that??
i tell work magic!
i wish i was there to take pictures of everyone =(
but im glade you do!
great job!

Anonymous said...

Awwesomme!! Great job I loved how they turned out!


littleeMISScar said...

i love this! i didnt think they were one person either, till i saw they were wearing the same thing!
this is awesome!