Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dennis's First Blind Date

Lucy and Dennis had been posting on each other's facebook wall for two weeks now and today was the day that they would finally meet. He arrived 7 minutes early, so he decided to hit up the tanning salon nearby.

It had been a long winter in hibernation and Dennis was looking paler than ever, but nothing a 5 minute fake-n-bake wouldn't fix. He was careful not to singe his fur tips because the smell would be very unappealing.
The moment Dennis left the salon, his eyes laid upon her. He looked at Lucy's facebook profile page often enough that he had no problem recognizing the back of her head.
Being so excited to be in her presence, Dennis jumped for joy and, quite frankly out of nervousness, he flew a bit too high.
The high altitude must be why Lucy did not stop when Dennis whistled and called her name.
Being that Dennis is quite shy and awkward around beautiful girls, he decided to grab her attention with a pretty flower.

He found just the right one, but upon investigating its' aroma, it smelled quite a bit like his grandma Betty which is not something anything should smell like.
Dennis travels a bit farther down the trail and hears cries from above. With stealth like movement, Dennis dodges the largest duck dropping ever recorded. He wonders why birds just can't take care of business behind trees like bears.

A bit lost and hopeless, Dennis happens upon a disturbing sight.......a used band-aid. Already in a fragile state, he cries a little for the poor creature that once needed this band-aid to lessen some life threatening pain. Suddenly, a warm wind blows and something sweet distracts Dennis.

At last, the perfect flower. It smells of sweet sugar cookies yet it's beauty and size are not that impressive so he leaves it attached. Feeling a bit insecure from his fur's singed smell, he showers himself in the flower's aroma.

Seeing no sign of Lucy, he decides to sit in the very spot they agreed to meet at. Lucy informed Dennis that this was a once in a liftetime show featuring all the original bears, but not the moose head, from Disney's "Country Bear Jamboree" show. It was a bit strange that such an event did not draw early birds like Dennis thought. Without further question, he settled in to the best seat in the house. Two hours pass, and Dennis begins losing all hope.

Dennis decided to look one last place for Lucy, but saw something that made his tear dry up.....his long lost step-brother Bob.

Dennis may have missed his one true love, but reuniting with his big brother Bob was worth all his day's sorrows!


pic.girl2 said...


wow you were very creative lol!
i love it lol!!!!

i miss denis hehe!
i felt like we made a connection!

what a lucky girl lucy is.

cant wait to go on another adventure again lol!

good times goodtimes!

Anonymous said...

hey! dennis was exposed to do somthing this weekend that you said would be posted on sunday!

55randomclicks said...

Check Trials of Dennis blogspot.....he also went to the grocery store and he is working on that story....check Wednesday night!